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About us

About us

The Plateau Photography Club is a Special Interest Group of the Plateau PC Users Group (PPCUG) of Cumberland County.  We are photographers who meet to exchange our different levels of expertise and enthusiasm for photography.

The Club meets on the third Thursday of each month downstairs at the Fairfield Glade Library building (formerly the Multi-Purpose building), Room C, at 455 Lakeview Drive next to the swimming pool area. Enter the lower level from outside below the deck in back.  Paid members may attend at no charge; guests are asked to pay $3 for each meeting or you can join the Club for the year.  The $3 guest fee is good for all meetings and workshops in the month paid.


Click here for the PPCUG calendar for current scheduled meetings and updates.

Topics and presentations vary each month. We show and discuss member's photos at each meeting. 

Why join the Plateau Photography Club?

* We love new members, and if you choose to join you will also become a member of the Plateau PC Users' Group,  which includes access to their lending library of PC learning materials, discounts on PPCUG classes and the digital projector rental program.

* You can attend photography workshops designed to improve all aspects of your photography workflow.

*  You will become part of the larger community of Tennessee photography enthusiasts ( Camera Club Council of Tennessee < > )  which opens up many more opportunities for using your talents and learning how to hone your craft.

* You can take part in photography field trips.

* You can share your ideas and photographs with other members of the club.

* No matter your level of experience, you can learn techniques to improve your photography.

* Broaden your technical ability whether using a point-and-shoot camera, cell phone or sophisticated SLR.

Dues to Join the Club and PPCUG

The membership year runs from July 1 - June 30.  If you join in mid-year, the following dues schedule applies.  Click here for our membership form.

Due Date Jan-Mar 2018 Apr-Jun 2018 Jul-Sept 2018 Oct-Dec 2018
Single: $12 $6 $24 $18
Families: $15 $7 $30 $22